White River – Is It the Trout Fish Cradle?

The white river is quite an attraction for various outdoor activities. It stretches a full 720 miles with a lot of transformations before ending up in the Mississippi river. The best attraction however is the white river trout fishing habitat that is created by the dam (Bull Shoals) and is one of the most visited destinations in the state and the country. Arkansas is actually considered to be the trout capital of the USA.

White river trout fishing is a magical experience. The scenery that surrounds the white river is quite spectacular and could be a distraction to many a fisherman. There are lots of wildlife, densely forested hillsides, and wild flowers among other breathtaking views. Apart from the disruptions occasioned by the 8 dams, these scintillating scenes are present throughout its 720-mile journey into the Mississippi river. The water is so clear that in the words of a famous explorer, “our canoe seemed like it was floating on air, such is the remarkable transparency of the water.” This is in addition to the vast resorts and fishing clubs that have come up along the river. These offer all the necessary equipment like river boats, fishing tackles, bait, expert fishing guides, and of course personal service.

Just after the Bull Shoals dam, the white river plays host to one of the most spectacular fishing habitats anywhere in the world. As a result, there will hardly be a dull moment for anyone taking a fishing expedition at the various white river trout fishing spots. Though other fish are present in this region, trout fish no doubt own the place. Rainbow and brown trout are particularly predominant in this habitat, though brook trout may also be found here but at a lesser frequency. Many of the fishing clubs and resorts have developed entry points to add to the naturally occurring ones. There are also a number of public campgrounds along white river, especially around the Bull Shoals State Park and Bull Shoals Lake.

Many seasoned anglers will readily concur that natural bait works perfectly here. Minnows, crayfish, and any of the spinner baits are highly tipped to snap up some trout. As a matter of fact, white river is home to a good number of trophy trout fish and record shattering catches. Remember Gordon Lackey’s monster 31-pound brown trout in 1972 and Leon Wagoner’s 33-pound monster five years later? Surely, you cannot forget H. Rip Collins 40-pounder that has been the world record for the longest time now! All these were caught in this exact location. Some trophy trout catches are not uncommon in white river and a few monsters occasionally get caught right here at the Bull Shoals trout habitation.

To be able to fish at the white river, anglers are required to have a license if they are older than 16 years. This is according to the Arkansas Game and fish commission. Every angler is limited to only five fish per day and specific regulations apply to selected areas. Ensure you are on the right side of the regulations by getting this information before hand.

At Whiter River, your trout fishing experience is guaranteed to be a great one packed with fun and loads of action.