Walking My Dog Caused Plantar Fasciitis

We have all blamed the dog for eating our homework, making a mess, or eating the last cookie off the table. But those fury rascals can cause physical injuries, too. The cute little fuzzy dog wiggles his tail and encourages you to go on daily walks. Rain or shine, he wants to go. You probably walk him daily and have a set route and pattern.

Sometime in the middle of the night, the dog walking starts to damage your shoes. Your nice, shinny, white shoes get older and less supportive. The once firm, comfy rubber heels become soft. The shoes eventually stop absorbing the pounding forces from the concrete. The impact force goes through the shoes and into your feet.

Eventually the bottom of your foot starts to become a little tired and sore from walking. The sneaky dog keeps you walking every day and your feet keep absorbing the extra force. Over time, a small spot becomes a lit more sore and might give you a little pain first thing in the morning. The pain quickly disappears within a few steps. Then one day you realize the little pain has turned into a sharp, stabbing pain that lasts for 10 steps. That dog has done it again; he made you develop a case of plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory condition of the fascia (ligament) that runs on the bottom of your foot. This fascia runs from the heel toward the toes and supports the entire foot. It stretches with every step and absorbs some of the forces from walking, running, or jumping. In some cases, the fascia can become injured and develop into plantar fasciitis.

There are several different treatments for plantar fasciitis, including ice, stretching, exercises, shoe inserts, orthotics, better shoes, Graston Technique, taping, or Cold Laser. Cold laser is a newer technique for treating plantar fasciitis.

Cold laser utilizes specific wavelengths to cause changes inside the body. Different frequency and wavelengths have different functions. The laser is excellent at decreasing pain, inflammation, and edema. It will also trigger enzymes to produce extra ATP, which is the cells’ energy source. Injured cells often have lower energy reserves, so extra ATP means more energy to repair and heal. Laser can also decrease scar tissue formation, which is a component of chronic plantar fasciitis.

Cute, fuzzy dogs want their walks, and most are not willing to wait weeks for your feet to stop hurting. Give your feet two weeks of ice and rest. If your pain doesn’t improve, seek active treatment for your plantar fasciitis.