Variety Is The Spice Of Life – Especially For Young People

What a title for an article pertaining to young people and for young people. But think about it; as young people you live your lives, so why not do a lot of planning to ensure you do have a fine variety of experiences and qualifications.

It is true that some young people have more advantages than some other young people. That’s how it is in life. You can’t change this or that, so if you’re smart, you learn early to live with it.

Often you have friends whose family is more financially well-off than your family. Many of your friends are better-looking than you are. Perhaps your friends seem to have more friends than you have. You likely can’t change this or that, so if you’re smart, you learn early to live with it.

Every young person, has the opportunity to plan his and her daily lives so they can have more enjoyable and rewarding experiences and qualifications.

However, this takes time, work, and sacrifices. We are what we eat. What we sow is what we reap. The material part of what we give is gone, but the rewards of the deed are around so long. Sharing is caring. Selfishness is defeat because it is conceit. Selfishness is opposite of selflessness.

You need to plan for the future. The sooner you begin to plan the more time you have to build. It takes time to arrange and plan the most sensible course of action.

Few if any of us will begin planning our life as early as we should. Few people are born with the ability to begin planning anything as a child. The important thing is to begin the moment you do realize that you can gain from a plan.

I think I remember my first plan. I wanted a dog. My parents pointed out to me the responsibilities of caring for any pet. After I agreed to their expectations I was given a puppy. My dad explained that dogs need to potty and that it was my job to clean-up all potty regardless of where it is.

I quickly learned that it was easier to pickup potty in the yard than on the floor of the glassed-in porch. I had to plan to train the dog. That required insuring I let him outside at an early time each morning. I had to plan to set the alarm clock early each morning.

Wise parents begin teaching infants the difference in right and wrong. We likely learned much in Sunday school about God our Creator and about all life around us. In school we were quickly exposed to the need to daily wash our teeth and often bath and wash our hair. We were taught the importance of proper eating habits. Wise parents insure daily bowel movement. All of this was to expose us to the need to have plans to care for our health.

Safety and proper care of our health is the very foundation to planning for enjoyable and rewarding experiences in our life. Accidents can leave us permanently disqualified for many, most, or all normal daily enjoyments.

The first plan we should have is training ourselves to wash our hands often. The more often the better. This is especially important before preparing food, before eating food, after riding public transportation and after going to the toilet.

Wise parents encourage children to develop a plan to exercise daily, eat vegetables, take vitamins daily, get regular medical checkups and vaccinations.

Poor eating habits can result in illnesses and other heath problems such as decaying teeth, obesity, vision problems, depression, and self-esteem.

The earlier you have a plan and practice healthy habits, the more likely you will continue these wise habits throughout life. An early plan can prevent the need to stop a bad habit later in life.

One day while walking from school to the city bus stop I noticed a book in the book store window. The title, “Young Man About Town” intrigued me. The manager allowed me to browse the book for a few minutes. The pictures alone encouraged me to buy the book, which turned out to be the best advice book I ever owned. It encouraged me to immediately begin making plans for the future.

I learned how to wisely make a plan to buy clothes, have the confidence to ask a girl for a date, to deal with bullies, save money, develop better study habits, take an adventure vacation trip; but mainly I began to realize the importance of just thinking and planning for my future.

I had a high school sweetheart. She was the daughter of my mother’s best friend. We dated and kissed and I naturally wished she was interested in sex, but we were both afraid of our mothers, so we just kissed.

A girl in my glass was much more mature than I was and for some reason chased me until we agreed to date. At the movie we kissed until my mouth was sore, but I was too scared to later drive with her to the woods near the airport.

Weeks later we finally did get to the woods near the airport and she was definitely interested in sex. I was too, but I was too stupid to carry condoms. Luckily I was smart (or scared) enough to back out of unprotected sexual intercourse. However, I was too stupid to encourage mutual masturbation, which could have easily have satisfied both of us as much as sexual intercourse. She refused to date me again. Lesson learned: Always have a plan…carry condoms. Lesson learned: Always have a plan…encourage mutual masturbation.

Every young person should have a firm well-thought-out plan dealing with sexual issues. Probably the most serious and dangerous area of any young person’s life deals with sex. Yet, statistics show that far too many, perhaps most, young people do not have a plan to deal with their sex life.

Never before has sex been so dangerous. Each year a million teens in America have an unwanted pregnancy. This not only likely ruined the lives of many of these girls, but more seriously they risked their life to possible exposure to HIV/AIDS.

Unprotected sex can kill. Birth control can prevent pregnancy, but does not in any way protect a person from disease. STI, STD, HIV and AIDS are serious.

In high school most of us realize the importance of a college education, but in junior high we failed to understand the need for a plan to make good grades in high school.

In high school many young people, especially boys, realize the importance of owing a car, but didn’t take auto mechanics; which could make owning a car less expensive. Suddenly they realize that dad was right when he said, “Plan now and start saving for your car”.

I feel that you can see the picture and point I wish to convey. Early planning can aid all people in achieving goals and enjoying life just a little more. I often tell young people, “Variety is the Spice of Life”.