Using Flower Essences With Cats

Are you are trying to integrate a new cat into your feline family? Do your cats fight with each other? Is your new cat grieving its lost human companion who had to go into a nursing home? Flower remedies or essences are helpful in many situations. Choosing the right essences is facilitated by knowing what the animals are thinking and feeling. As an Animal Communicator, I can gather this information and choose appropriate remedies.

Flower remedies are the vibrational patterns of flowers in liquid form. Each flower’s unique energy pattern models specific healthy emotional vibrations. When the bio-electrical systems of the animal align with the model, not only may an animal’s emotional state and behaviors change, but sometimes even physical illnesses will be helped to resolve.


One client had six cats and had rescued a seventh. When she tried to integrate the new female, the cats fought and there was chaos. A new cat will cause a shifting about of everyone’s position in the group dynamic. In this instance, the new cat was fairly dominant. She was unwilling to come into the group at the bottom of the pecking order. The currently dominant cat wasn’t about to give up her position. The other five cats had their various relationships and ranks, but now all positions were fluctuating.

First, I explained to each feline what was going on and why the person wanted to keep the new cat. I also gathered information about how each cat felt about the new one and about their individual willingness to cooperate. I talked to the new cat to get her perspective as well. We all brainstormed for solutions that might help smooth out the process.

Then I chose flower essences. While continuing to use Rescue Remedy, I added Walnut to help each cat cope with a major life change; Quaking Grass, to help each cat’s vibrations find harmony and flexibility in the group energy; Chicory for the one cat who tended to be jealous and manipulative; and Tiger Lily to reduce aggressive behavior during the shift. In addition, I suggested that the client mist the house twice a day with some Rescue Remedy diluted in water, creating a calming atmosphere. The human agreed not to behave in ways that showed favoritism towards the new cat.

The cats began to settle down quickly once they were on the essences. Over a period of months, the new cat was integrated without anyone getting hurt.

Flower essences start working immediately, yet work gradually and gently. Sometimes behaviors change quickly, but the essences should be given for several months to assure a sustained transformation. Flower essences will not change someone’s personality, although they can take the edge off of an extreme behavior.

Another client had a male Abyssinian cat who told me he was “a God” and who was beating up on the female cat in the family, a American Short Hair, because he felt she didn’t “worship” him appropriately. His person was astonished. “Does he think my husband and I worship him?” she asked. The Abyssinian answered, “Yes.” He said that his people thought he was beautiful; they fed, petted and admired him as much as he wanted. The female cat was sweet, but not very self- confident, especially as the male would swat at her each time she walked past him.

We set this goal: to boost the female’s confidence while lowering the male’s aggressive tendencies. For the male I chose Vine, for being domineering, inflexible, and a bully, combined with Beech, for intolerance, and Tiger Lily, for aggression. For the female I chose Larch, to build self-confidence, combined with Centaury, for allowing oneself to be bullied. As a result of the essences, the male cat stopped his aggressive behavior while the female no longer ran madly past him. The situation resolved quickly because the right flower essences were used. The male’s beliefs about himself did not change; his concern about the female cat and his behaviors towards her did.

Flower essences can be used with most species, including mammals, reptiles, and birds. They are non-invasive and do not conflict with prescribed medications. If you are having a behavioral or emotional problem with an animal and you would like to try a holistic approach, consider using flower essences. With the assistance of an Animal Communicator, you are more likely to hit on just the right combination, with the added benefit of understanding your animals’ perspectives. This helps achieve the desired results.