Use Correct Technique of Feeding Discus Fish

Providing appropriate food to discus fish is not very difficult. You have to follow a few guidelines so that you can keep them healthy.

1. First important tip for feeding discus fish is to remember that they are slow eaters. No doubt they will eat a lot but they are not aggressive to grab their food. They will not run to catch the food as soon as it is offered. They will always prefer to remain at the bottom of the aquarium and they will constantly search for the food which is falling over there.

2. This habit of discus fish will increase your work of maintaining the cleanliness in the aquarium! The uneaten particles of food will constantly get accumulated at the bottom and they will contaminate the water after some time. So you should remember to clean the tank very frequently. This is similar to cleaning the dishes after you eat your food!

3. You can clean bottom of the aquarium by vacuuming it. The dirt and the uneaten food particles can be siphoned off from the bottom of the aquarium every day so that you can take more time to change the water. The vacuum will pick up the pieces of food easily and it will be useful for maintaining the hygiene of the water.

4. You should provide discus fish with a variety of food. The basic food for them is dry pellets but they love to eat live food like brine shrimp. All this food is easily available at the local pet shop.

5. Discus fish will require food many times in a day. You should drop at regular intervals pellets of food and they will eat them slowly.

6. The pellets should be soaked in water before offering to the fish. If you offer dry pellets, the fish will eat them and will have ache problems. The pallets will swell in their belly after eating and the fish will suffer from bloating problems.

7. If you are not able to provide them live brine shrimp, frozen ones are good too. They are excellent source of proteins and they will keep your fish healthy. You can store brine shrimp in your refrigerator and offer them to the fish at regular intervals.

8. Usually discuss fish would like to eat live worms. Black as well as white warms are available in the pet stores. You can purchase them alive and keep in your fridge so that you can offer them at your convenience. You should never buy huge quantities of live food because it may get bad after some time.

9. You can also offer homemade food to your fish. Beef heart is considered to be a very good treat for discus fish. It is high in protein and you can combine it with other ingredients to make it a perfect food. However if you are a beginner, you should take care in offering homemade food. You should initially offer such food in small quantities to find out whether it is appropriate for your fish.

10. You should regularly observe your fish to find out their eating preferences. You can make a small research on the Internet also. Articles on fish keeping and forums on fish will provide you a lot of valuable information.

You can do your homework well before you bring discus fish at home. This will avoid all future shocks and disappointments.