Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Sharks For Your Fish Tank

Aquariums are fantastic pieces to have in the home they can create a sense of peace and calm. There are many types of aquariums that can be maintained from cold water to tropical and each variation has its own set of wonderful fish to discover. There are a number of different types of freshwater aquarium sharks, and which one you choose will depend on the size of the tank you have.

A shark can be a beautiful addition to any home tank, but be sure to do your homework on them first. Some are very territorial and may attack other fish while others require a hiding place. Also it is never a good idea to keep more than one type of shark in the tank and this can cause aggressive behaviour in some species.

One of the best types of shark is the Bala or Silver Shark this is a very peaceful shark which looks a lot like the real deal. They are compatible with most other fish but they can grow to be very large. In some cases they can reach lengths of up to 12 inches. In order to keep this fish you will do best to have a school of around six of them, which means your tank will need to be at least 90 gallon in size.

The rainbow shark is quite striking it has a greenish black body with either bright orange or red fins. This fish has to be to a sole purchase as it will become aggressive with other sharks in its territory. On average they grow to around 5 inches and be sure that the fish you will introduce it to have enough space to hide if it has one of its temper tantrums. A tank of at least 29 gallons is recommended for this fish.

The red tailed shark is similar in most ways to the rainbow, it body is darker in colour and only the tail fin is coloured but it has the same aggressive tendencies as the rainbow.

Another option is the Albino Ruby Shark this one has a cream coloured body with red or orange fins. It is a good community fish and rarely gets aggressive, it can be kept in schools of up to three but if the tank is smaller then only one is recommended. This fish can grown to around 6 inches or more and ensure you have a cave or log for them to hide in. They are also excellent jumpers so make sure the lid fits well and be prepared when it comes to tank cleaning.

There are also sailfin sharks which have larger dorsal fins, they can fight amongst themselves so it is best to keep the as a single fish rather than a school, but in general they are peaceful towards other species. It is not recommended however to keep them with small fish as they may eat them. These fish can grow to around 2.5 inches in length.

When considering fish for any tank you need to seek expert advice, as factors such as the size of the tank and other occupants will have an impact on what you can and cannot put in. Some fish are fin nippers so having them with other fish that have large fins or tails is a bad idea as they will bully and nibble the fins of the other fish.

Similarly you need to understand the maximum size of each type of fish to ensure there is enough room in the aquarium for them to grow and live comfortably. If a fish cannot grow to its natural size and is held back by the room it has it will most likely die younger and have other issues related to stunted growth. They may only be fish but you need to be aware of their needs and do you upmost to respect and carter for them.

Fish are no different from any other pet you may have, each one has its own list of requirements and in order for them to live happy, healthy lives they need to be able to grow and move around freely. If you cannot afford a large tank then make sure you opt for a smaller shark and only have one. It is also a good idea to keep the rest of the inhabitants small too to ensure they all have enough space to move and grow.

If you are in any doubt as to which shark will suit your current set-up speak to a member of staff in any good aquarium store as they have the training and the knowledge to be able to recommend the best shark for you.