Types of Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Best Selection of Fish

If you are not sure which types of freshwater aquarium fish you should get, this handy guide should give you a few tips on how to make the best selection. Fish should be chosen by using specific criteria. Choose according to hardiness, health, ability to socialize with other types of fish, aesthetics, and finally cost.

One of the most popular among fish hobbyists is the betta. Among the males, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, are a beautifully, vivid fish that garner a lot of attention due to their brilliance of color. The female of the fish have more subdued colors. In an aquarium, hobbyists can allow the female betta to reside together as they won’t fight one another. However, the males do not tolerate the inclusion of other male betta. They will fight until one or the other is

Another favorite in the fish family for those with large tanks are catfish. Catfish are so named due to the long cat like whiskers which grow from each side of the mouth. While most fish have scales, catfish do not and because of this, they have a sleeker appearance. Catfish will eat both plants as well as other fish and as a result are not good in tanks with small fish. This type of fish has been known to grow to a staggering weight. Catfish are not a good choice for people who desire to keep a smaller tank.

The silver dollar fish is popular among hobbyists for it’s appearance. This fish gets its name from the thin, rounded appearance that resembles a silver dollar. Silver dollar fish average about five inches in length though some have been known to grow larger. They get along well with other fish and need to be in schools in order to thrive. One downside to the fish is that they will eat live plants.

Tinfoil barb fish, so called because it resembles aluminum foil, it that should not be purchased by beginners who are not sure if they want to raise fish long term as they do have a long lifespan. Tinfoil barb fish grow to be a large size and although they’re helpful to tanks because they eat algae, they have hearty appetites and will eat small fish. For those who decide they do want this type of fish, the tank must be no smaller than fifty-five gallons. These fish need to be with other fish in their species as it is a schooling fish.

For more experienced fish hobbyists, the clown loach is an ideal choice. This colorful striped fish can grow to be a foot in size and needs to be with other loaches. The reason this is not a good fish for beginners is because it will succumb to poor water quality and it does take practice to keep the water at the balance needed for these fish.