The Courage to Be Who You Are

Are you an owl? Are you a dolphin? Are you a peacock? Are you a panther?

In reading “Conquer Fear” by Lisa Jimenez, I learned that behavior psychologists have determined there are four personality types. Although there may be a mixture within our personality, one is always dominant. To summarize the findings, the owl is detail-oriented, dolphins are natural givers, peacocks are socialites, and panthers are natural-born leaders. (I’m an owl – no secrets here!)

Discovering who you are is key to having the courage to be just that – WHO YOU ARE! We are all equipped with everything we need to make our lives work for us, and we all have inborn impulses that urge us toward our goals. Our core values are the motivating factor behind all decisions that we make and all actions that we take. As Jimenez points out, “Your time, efforts, thought and energies must be spent on your highest values in order to create a life you love” – having the courage to be who you are!

There is an intense power in knowing who you are and what you want. When you have defined those principles, you start to act on them and can make every day of your life more fulfilling than the last – and you will be SO glad to start each new day! Realize the desires of the heart and act in accord with them. After all, you get what you REALLY want!

The key to that prayer is to be absolutely clear on what it is you want, because clarity carries power as its partner. If you know what you want and are clear on that point, you can eliminate all fear and begin to attract opportunity and wealth to you. So, know what you want, write it down and dream about it. You won’t believe what will happen!