New Developments In Pet Medicine Brings Surprises To Pet Owners

Research into human diseases is something that is well funded, because governments around the globe give huge grants of money to numerous research organization. However, when it comes to research for animal diseases, it is an entirely different story. A large part of the research into animal diseases and their treatments is done as a consequence of animals such as dogs and pigs being used in human disease research studies.

Many Vets Spearhead Independent Research

Also, a lot of the information that is gained about various maladies that plague our four footed friends is arrived at by individual veterinarians in their offices through trial and error. Because, there are so many voids in the science of treating diseases that afflict dogs and cats, veterinarians will try different treatments on their own often with surprising results. This is because many of the drugs that they have to use, are drugs that have been developed for treating human conditions.

Using Prozac to Treat Unhappy Dogs

For instance, anxiety disorders that many dogs exhibit such as chronic barking and tearing up of furniture when their owners are away have bedeviled dog owners for untold years and even centuries. However; recent clinical trials have shown that the drug Prozac is showing great promise for treating anxiety disorders in dogs.

New Treatment for Animal Arthritis

Arthritis is another dog disease that has stolen untold years from the lives of active dogs across the planet. After years of experimentation with everything from herbal remedies to standard arthritis medications prescribed for humans, it was found that liquid glucosamine was found to be highly effective in many cases.