Low Cost Pet Insurance – Protection For Pennies a Day

Low cost pet insurance can provide peace of mind even when you cannot afford more complete coverage. The most horrific veterinarian bills are produced by emergency procedures after your pet has had an accident. If you can manage no other level of coverage this insurance can, at the very least prevent the loss of a beloved pet after an accident. Literally this type of coverage can cost as little as $10 to $12 per month – that is not a lot to pay for peace of mind. If you can afford a little more of a monthly premium, that basic care can be expanded to include illness cover. This is a very good choice if you have an older dog because many canine diseases target older dogs.

In years past the need for insurance was not so acute. Mostly because emergency care at the vet’s clinic was not nearly as refined as it is now. Many more pets died in years past than do now because life-saving procedures which are now standard were not available then. As such many pets were put down rather than having any expensive life-saving procedure. Now however, medical science has adapted many procedures that were formerly performed only on humans and the chances that your pet’s life could be saved have increased exponentially. It is this possibility that has led to the greater need for low cost pet insurance. If medical science means that your vet can save your pet, wouldn’t you want him too? And if he does you will need to be able to pay for it.

Some people might say that ‘my animal is perfectly healthy now – I’ll just wait to get insurance later.’ The problem with this philosophy is that insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions so if you wait you may lose out on coverage all together. And everyone knows that accidents can happen at any time so it is better to be prepared and consider low cost pet insurance.

Low cost pet insurance will not cover you in any eventuality – it will not cover illness, routine care, stress injuries or dental work. What it will do is give you peace of mind in case of an accident. Your pet does not have to die because there is no money to pay for acute care. And if you can afford a slightly larger premium an upgrade to a standard care package will also cover illness. Either way you can protect your pets for pennies a day.