Interactive Murder Mystery Games And Turn-Based Mystery Games

Perhaps you have played or even hosted a number of boxed murder mystery games and having enjoyed the experience are looking for something a bit more challenging. The next step is to buy yourself a downloadable game, which will not only give you a far more satisfying gaming experience, but will also provide you with a great deal more choice in terms of both the number of players able to play the game and the theme of the game itself. However, now you need to decide what type of downloadable game you would like to buy.

There are quite a few different kinds of murder mystery dinner party games to choose from, including professionally organised events and suspect interview based games, but by far the most popular types are the turn-based and interactive murder mystery games.

Turn-Based Games

Turn-based murder mystery games are great fun to host and are perhaps the best choice if it is your first time hosting. They are the next step up from the classic boxed games, which are available from stores in the high street, as they are a natural progression from the boxed game and are often scripted, usually consisting of turns. In each of these turns, the guests find out a little bit more about the murder and the suspects and by the end of the game they will theoretically have enough information at their disposal to name the murderer.

The turn-based game is relatively straightforward to play and is also the perfect game to play around a table, so it is great for dinner parties, where each turn can coincide with each new course. The clues and backgrounds can be read out from where each guest is seated at the table.

Interactive Games

The interactive murder mystery games, also known as meet and mingle games or freeform games, are perhaps the pinnacle of the downloadable format. Although each of your guests are provided with a character background, the game is in no way scripted. Instead the players are encouraged to mingle with their fellow guests in order to try and learn important clues, scheme and plot and achieve their individual objectives.

As well as having the potential to be a far more gratifying experience in terms of game play, the interactive format is also a wonderful way to get to know other people at the party and break the ice. Interactive games are also a thrill to host, as when they are hosted well you know that you will be helping to give your guests a night to remember.