Information on Cockatiel Birds For New Owners

One of the many types of parrots, well liked and famous as pets, are the cockatiel birds. These are native Australian birds with varied multi-colored plumage and a sleek long tail. They usually measure between 10-14 inches from beak to the tip of the tail; they can weigh between 80-120 grams. The show birds can actually weigh more.

Cockatiel birds are actually small parrots (a term usually used to refer to all types of parrots); one of approximately 340 different parrots in the world which was proven by DNA research to be a member of the cockatoo family. Although native to Australia, most of these great birds are now captive bred after Australia banned exportation of all native birds.

Cockatiel birds are naturally friendly, charming and captivating in their beauty. They are one of the types of parrots that are very social and constantly need companionship. In fact, in the wild, no cockatiel is known to travel alone; they usually do it either by pairs or in small flocks.

A bird’s actual lifespan depends on whether or not it is receiving proper nutrition and veterinary care as well as getting all his emotional and physical requirements. The average lifespan of cockatiel birds is between 12 to 15 years but with proper care and training, it won’t be unusual for a cockatiel to live up to 20 or even 30 years.

According to research, more cockatiel birds are living lives well into their 20s because of better nutrition and advancement in avian medicine. There are three things owners must keep in mind: feed your bird a nutritional diet, keep the cage and feeding dishes clean and seek veterinary care when a bird becomes very ill. This is the best guarantee that your pet bird will be having a long lifespan.

As proper steps for cockatiel care to insure your bird’s long and happy life, make sure to provide them with a clean, roomy cage, daily exercise with regular training sessions, a healthy balanced diet of both pelleted food and fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and other natural food cockatiels usually eat in the wild.

Providing your pets with plenty of stimulating activities and attention is definitely a vital part of your duties towards them. Because of their intelligence, cockatiel birds require constant stimulation from you and their environment. It is important to keep your pets busy and motivated or else they will be bored and become depressed, bored and unhappy. Sulky and discontented birds usually display rowdy, destructive behaviors like plucking their feathers and refusing to eat.

If well taken care of and the bond with owner is deep, cockatiel birds can provide delightful entertainment and companionship the whole day.