Happy Dog, Happy Home!

You landed here probably because you’re a dog parent. So, how’s your pooch? Are you enjoying each other’s company? Most likely! Well, it actually depends on you. Yes, you. And… your dog’s attitude? No, dear! Your relationship with your furry baby is your sole responsibility. The moment you welcomed that cutie in your home, it became a member of your family. Being a dog parent is a sweet responsibility, and you should really do your best to become a good one. Now, have you done dog training? Does your furry buddy know the right areas to pee and poop? Does it know its limits? Go on, read this piece of writing that will surely help you train and maintain a good relationship with your pooch. You’re reading this because you want to sustain the happiness that you already have with your dog, right? (Of course, the mere presence of a dog can make us happy!)

The Happy Dog and Parent

Below are some important thoughts to keep in mind while teaching various things to your dog.

• Know that it depends on the breed.

You have learned that your neighbour’s corgi is very easy to train, so you expect the same for your beagle. But you should know that different breeds have different traits especially when it comes to trainability. A corgi is much easier to train compared to a beagle, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your pet. You just need to be in the know of the proper approach for your dog’s breed, and you’ll surely succeed in your teaching goals.

• Understand that it may take time.

Apart from knowing the traits of your pet, you should also remind yourself that you can’t just see great improvements overnight. For instance, enhancing your talents requires a lot of training sessions before seeing significant results. The same thing may happen as you try to potty train your pet.

• Don’t get mad at your dog.

Be firm, but don’t yell at your pet. You wouldn’t want fear to be the foundation of your relationship, would you? Be patient enough. Getting mad at your pet will not lead to proper motivation and good results.

• Acknowledge small achievements.

Of course, your pet deserves some treats! Cheer for it and give it a reward for every small achievement. Dogs are smart, and they can be easily motivated to do good especially if they know that they’ll be rewarded for it.

• Remember that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

As they say, dogs are capable of giving unconditional love. Hence, treat your pet well. Be gentle during your training sessions. Your pooch is not your enemy, but your best friend.

Happy Home!

Obviously, this is the result of the kind-heartedness that you and your dog naturally possess. You guys can indeed bring out the best in each other, but know that everything should start in you. If you do things right, everything else will really follow. Gentle training plus genuine love equals a happy dog and a happy parent. And of course, a happy dog plus a happy parent equals a happy home!