Free Haiku Poems for Your Cut and Paste Pleasure

So, you’re looking for free haiku poems? Not much is free today. Even poetry. Fortunately, you’ve found this article. I’ve written many haiku poems for publication. I’ve also written a few books. Here, for your viewing and cut and paste pleasure, are some of my free ones. Use them as you will.

Free Haiku Poem #1

December rain —

nesting in the tree cavity

a screech owl

I particularly like this haiku. Here you have rain. You have winter weather. And you have this very cute screech owl hiding away in a tree cavity. What could be cuter I ask you?

Free Haiku Poem #2

Thunderstorm —

robins vanish

in the brambles

Another personal favorite. In this free haiku poem a storm is upon us. A clap of thunder sounds and birds, timid creatures that they are, away into the brambles. It’s funny about birds. A hummingbird will challenge anything that comes into its territory but they can still get scared over common sounds. Although I must admit that thunder still scares me today.

Free Haiku Poem #3

November sun

a piece of pink sea glass


Here we get a sense of season and place. We’re on the beach. It’s well into fall and a piece of sea glass is spotted. We don’t know how far away it is but we do know that it’s close enough for the observer to see it sparkle in the sun.

Free Haiku Poem #4

Summer mist —

sap trickles

down the pine

Yet another favorite of mine. In this haiku it’s summer time. But there is mist so it is either morning or it’s just a very cloudy day and we’re high in the mountains. The observer is standing near a pine tree and notices that sap is running down it. This is the beauty of haiku. Just an ordinary moment is described here but it is the seemingly ordinary moments that make up the best of what haiku poetry has to offer!