Dog Joint Pain – 3 Things You Can Do!

If your dog is experiencing joint pain, you may need to begin taking action immediately. Dog joint pain, especially in a dog over eight years old, could be a very good indication that arthritis is developing. A dog owner has a few choices of what he or she can do to treat dog joint pain, as well as full-blown arthritis (joint swelling) or osteoarthritis (joint and bone swelling). Here are three of them…

Dog Joint Pain – 3 Things You Can Do:

  1. Massage your dog! The most common areas for your dog to experience joint pain are the hips, “knees”, and “elbows.” Simply massage the muscles surrounding these joints, being careful not to put pressure on the joint itself. A nice minute or two of massage twice a day goes a long way in helping your dog! Also, a bit of acupressure is also encouraged. The best spot to do this is on their akeela’s heel. Squeeze it firmly for a minute and watch your dog relax in bliss!
  2. Walk your dog! It may sound counter-intuitive, but light exercise will keep your dog’s joints lubricated. The last thing you want is for your dog to become weak. This will just allow arthritis to take over. Your little buddy may not be as active as he/she used to be, but a little movement never hurt anyone!
  3. Treat your dog! While there are medications available, including aspirin and acetaminophen, there is always a large risk of toxifying your dog’s system, paving the way for even more issues down the bend. Natural supplements are a much better option. Find a supplement that is safe, natural and effective at not only treating your dog’s pain, but also reducing the swelling in the joints.

Do these three things for your dog and yours is a friendship that will last a lifetime!