Discus Fish – Their Care and Comfort

The Discus species of fish are called the “The King” of tropical fish. They are stunning domestic pets to own but understanding their ecosystem and finding out how to help keep them content, healthy and mating could be an enormous task for a newcomer. Even folks who have been discus fish enthusiasts for some time have to keep on their toes. Having said that, the rewards are well worth the trouble.

Water conditions

Keeping discus or any species of fish starts with the appropriate water parameters.

The Puntius is likely to need moderately, or fairly neutral, alkalinity water together with reasonable hard waters. Water supply is frequently Chloramine or Chlorine blended. These are additives to aquariums that work well to cleanse the water. Water tends to have chlorine, copper, metals, and so on, that all happen to be polluting.

Trying to keep your discus fish in a happy frame of mind can prove to be something of a job. Your major job is to make certain that the water in the fish tank is clean. You do this by replacing twenty-five percent of the water once or twice each week. Maintain the water chemical make up at a fine balance since you just can’t in fact eliminate many of the harmful chemicals which are produced within a man made aquatic environment.

Aquarium tanks

Aquarium tanks can be quite distinctive and different in design and style and there is a wide range to fit in with the preference of the owner. Fish tank retailers will stock numerous tanks for your fish. Aquarium tanks can be found in most countries as the hobby is extremely popular.

Container size consideration

For Discus fish care, there are two thing to consider in tanks – tank depth and volume. Tanks these days are simpler to manage, because you can utilize filtration devices to detoxify the water, always keeping it nicely balanced and free from contaminants. For example a significant aspect in Discus fish care will be the regular water change. Because the discus doesn’t like changes only 25 percent of the aquarium volume needs to be freshened. Additionally, for special Discus Fish care try to utilize a filter that removes the heavy metals as well as the chlorine without modifying the water pH.

Remember that a more substantial water volume is a lot easier to keep stable when compared to a smaller tank for example.

Filter media is the material that goes inside of your filter, mostly an exterior filter. How do you select filtration systems? The essential filtering systems are the chemical type, biological, and mechanical filter systems.


The fish will enjoy a broad selection of frozen and dried foods. Diet / Fish Food: Favor live foods but you might want to complement with foodstuff enriched with vitamins. Live food – The wellness risks with live food significantly out weigh the advantages along with the food selection earlier mentioned why take the risk.

Typically the most popular worries about discus fish are those associated with their health and fitness because they are recognized for being extremely sensitive to environmental conditions. Fresh water discus fish have become popular and just about the most beautiful tropical aquarium fish that you can buy.

Keeping a Discus Fish aquarium is a whole lot of fun. The key to owning the happiest, most healthy discus fish will be to make sure that their water is thoroughly clean.