Daycare For English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are very emotionally dependent on human companionship and physical contact. I’m continually surprised by how these fifty or sixty plus pound dogs will want to crawl right up into your lap, to get as close as they possibly can to you. If you try to deny them the comfort of close proximity they will become distraught, whining and restless, as they seek to snuggle up against your feet or hands, any contact they can make.

They’ll try to snuggle up against other dogs as well, and homes with more than one English Bulldog may see them sleeping on top of each other, comforting each other with the close proximity.

Now imagine how such an emotionally dependent creature would feel if it were left alone, for hours at a time, with no human contact at all. They would soon become despondent, moody, and quite possibly violently temperamental.

English Bulldogs are one of the breeds I highly recommend doggie day care for. Having a safe place they can go to be with other dogs and humans while their own family is at work or away can save them from a huge amount of emotional and physical stress.

Doggie day care facilities are popping up in cities all across the country. For those that don’t have the luxury of a day care center in their area, there are often individual homes or pet sitters that can step in to fill the need.

A great idea for Bulldog owners would be to go to local shows and events and meet other Bulldog owners living in your area. Make friends with them and learn each other’s work schedules. Then you can work out play dates, or potential daytime care for your Bulldog with some of his friends, when you don’t have time to be there yourself.

Your Bulldog will be a lot happier if you do!