Dangerous Dog Parasites

We as dog owners need to be aware of the deadly parasites that walk our earth. Our dogs stand a chance of being introduced to more of them than we may know. Even though most stages of problems to external parasites are only minor, they still need to be looked into. Dogs that hold a large infestation can sometimes bit and scratch parts of their bodies. Corresponding with that, usually dogs that bite themselves harm their own body in someway.

The myth that dog fleas do not bite humans is very much false. This is a scary thought, but it is in fact entirely true. They do prefer the company of dogs more, but that does not stop them from what they do. Most families ignore dog fleas and it is a serious problem of infestation. Taking care of fleas is very simple and usually cost productive.

The most common parasite that gets into the canine body is roundworms. The name roundworms gives a good explanation as to what they actually are. Roundworms pass from dog to dog through touching of the saliva and noses and such, but can also be passed from simply being in the dirt for an amount of time before they die.

The main parasite that sticks to the outside of the canine skin is called the tick. This is a common fear of humans due to their very ugly spider like appearance. The tick is not really the dangerous part, but what the tick spreads is. What they do is jump from dog to dog sucking the different blood types of the canine and mixing them at times. As you can imagine, the mixing of blood is always dangerous with disease.