Cockatiel Care – 5 Secrets To Caring For Your Cockatiel

Cockatiel ownership is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Cockatiels are very loving and lively birds, and to make your ownership experience more enjoyable, here are a few secrets to caring for your cockatiel and keeping him happy… as well as you!

  1. Cockatiels spend a lot of time in their cages, and just like we love our comfort, cockatiels are no different. The right cage size and the right equipment and toys in the cage are very essential to the happiness of your cockatiel. An unhappy cockatiel can be a very annoying cockatiel.
  2. Cockatiels are happiest and healthiest when they have a proper and well-balanced diet. Along with a diet of mainly seeds, you need to supplement their diet with plenty of greens, fruits and minerals.
  3. Cockatiels are very sociable birds and are also flock birds. That means that you are now their flock and they want to spend time outside the cage with you, hanging out with you. They are happiest when they have time every day outside the cage socializing and bonding with you.
  4. As with any pet, you will need to cockatiel-proof your home so your bird will not get into trouble by chewing on things he shouldn’t chew on such as important papers, wood and certain houseplants, which are poisonous to birds.
  5. And as with any pet, cockatiels will need to be trained to obey you and to not behave badly. This will take some training on your part and time and patience in the process.

Following these few simple secrets for caring for your cockatiel will reward you with a very happy, contented cockatiel that is bonded with you and loves you. Cockatiels are some of the most amazing pets and will give you many years of companionship.