Choosing A Large Dog Breed For Your Family

Some dog lovers prefer small dogs that can be a lap dog, or ones they can carry easily, but others prefer bigger dogs and opt for a large dog breed as their family pet. There are many advantages to a large dog breed, they often have higher energy levels for playtime and there can be less concern over injuries from over-excited children. However a large dog breed may have specific needs that need to be met. With so many different breeds to choose from, the decision as to which one is the most suitable for a family pet can be a difficult one.

If you are set on a large dog breed then the following points may help you with your choice:

Firstly you need to ask…..Who will Care for the Dog?

The primary caretaker of the animal is important, larger dogs require a responsible adult in charge who can control their exuberance and take the time to train the dog properly. Children and older or frailer adults are not the best choice to care for these pets. Give consideration also to the child who promises to care for the dog prior to purchase but who may lose interest in his responsibilities throughout the lifespan of the pet. Therefore it is best to make the addition of your new pet as a family effort, and so each family member is assigned to some aspect of the dogs care. By spreading the responsibility it will help to ensure your large dog breed gets the attention and care he needs and by doing so every family member will get the opportunity to enjoy your new pet equally.

How much Space will your large dog breed need?

Dogs come with a variety of energy levels, and this must be taken into consideration when deciding on which breed is best for your circumstances and in particular when you are considering a large dog breed.

A dog that becomes bored can look for alternative entertainment which could result in him becoming destructive; this can be a big problem with a large dog breed.

Your pet will need plenty of room to run with daily walks and playtime in order to help him stay healthy and happy. Larger dogs tend to need more space, for example a large garden or yard to play in. But remember the fence will need to be sufficient in substance and height to stop your lovely big dog escaping!

Be careful also with happy waggy tails around the house as objects can be knocked off innocently when your happy or excited dog is in a small room.

If you are absolutely certain that an energetic large breed dog is the right choice for you and your family, just make sure you have the room to accommodate this big, energetic and powerful animal.

Choosing a large dog breed for your family will require a lot of research and planning, however it will be worth it when you have the right choice of dog that fits in well with your family. Take the time to choose the right dog for you, and that pet in turn should return the effort by giving you and your family many years of enjoyment and companionship.