Aquarium Fish Combinations For a Beautiful Tank

Aquarium fish combinations allow fish tank enthusiasts to create the most beautiful and most natural ecosystem in their own homes. By grouping together fish that are compatible but fill different niches, you can maximize the health and color of your tank. This article covers three fabulous aquarium fish combinations for a small tank.

Aquarium Fish Combinations – All Level Swimmers

Create varieties of fish that exist and swim at all levels of your aquarium or fish tank. This will not only help them eat all the food you put in and thus keep the water clearer, it will increase the interest of your tank.

Consider getting quick-swimming danios to zoom around the upper levels, more placid tetras or barbs for the middle levels, and cory catfish for the bottom. There are many great combinations to choose from.

Aquarium Fish Combinations – Natural Ecosystems

Creating a natural ecosystem by choosing a variety of fish from an actual Earth ecosystem is ideal. Fashion an Amazon river basin in your living room, or a south-east asian pond. Not only will it be an educational display, the fish are naturally compatible with the same temperatures and water conditions, making keeping them healthy that much easier.

Aquarium Fish Combinations – Maximum Color

Many people keep fish tanks to add to the decor and style of their house. If maximum color is your goal, choose fish from a wide range. Neon tetras with their bright blue and red bodies are an excellent choice. Gouramis come in bright colors, as do loaches that swim at the bottom of the tank. As long as the fish are community compatible, you can include them in your tank design.