A Swimming Pool Story

Chubby was my bosom girlfriend since the time she was a virgin. I love cats and my exquisite and loftiest adorable cat was one best creature I discerned since my birth. She loves water and would have been a fish for sure. When she lost virginity to me, we became lovers and she used to call me Hubby and my instant answer was always Chubby.

Once we broke into a house and were making love in the swimming pool, well, because she wanted to do everything in water, the irony is sky rocketed when I learnt that she wanted to have her first baby in an aquatic atmosphere. Chubby was kissing me wildly and like most men my eyes were closed and suddenly I heard her scream. A loud, earth-breaking scream and I hurriedly opened my eyes and saw her face all white with fear.

“Look at this Hubby! She hardly completed the sentence.

“Whaaa- What? I was shocked.

“This” She put that thing outside water and showed it to me. It was a soaked all wet dead body of a cat.

“Yeww! Poor creature” she was about to vomit.

“Be patient honey!” I solaced her, with a filthy feeling I took it and as I was about to throw it outside the water she ceased me by holding my hand. I was surprised and looked at her in an inquiring way.

“Hubby” Her scary voice was tender and sweet and very melodious now.

“Huh? I did not know what the hell is going on.

“Do you remember my love for water? She continued,” I want everything near water, under water, above water and what best place than a swimming place is to do this?

“Do what Chubby? I exclaimed with fury now. She smiled widely and kissed on my neck. Her wet lips whispered in my ears,” Tear it apart Hubby! Do it for me”

“What! Say again? I almost cried with astonishment and uncertainty as she was referring to the dead body of the cat I was still holding. That cat looked so familiar and it resembled mine and it had the same dark scar on its tail. I had emotions for it.

“Do it Love!

I did it and for my surprise the dead body was an artificial one and it contained a box. As I opened it, while Chubby was watching with a glowing smile, there was a ring, a beautiful diamond ring.”

Will you marry me? She splashed the water and cried out loud.

“A proposal made in a swimming pool? I giggled and laughed hysterically.

“Do you?

“I do” I said it a thousand times. I knew she made sure that we broke into this house for perfect execution of her naughty plan.

Even the cupid smiled at us making love in the swimming pool. The swimming pool turned out to be a heaven on earth, a majestic royal land for us to build our palace of love.

Author Notes

Chubby – a sweet and very beautiful young girl

Hubby – a young man with romantic soul

Cat – Hubby’s pet

Dead cat – A stuffed one, artificial toy