5 Key Points You Need to Know to Set-Up a Discus Aquarium

A well established and appropriately taken care of aquarium is actually an incredible thing to see, seeing those graceful and stunningly gorgeous discus fish move through the water one could quickly understand how they are known as the kings of the aquarium. If you are showcasing such excellent fish you will need to take care of them properly in order to maintain their wonder and splendid colorings; for that reason taking the time to create their aquarium the right way is essential.

Aquarium Size

Discus prosper in sizeable aquariums with lots of space to swim about, so generally, your aquarium need to be about 10-15 gallons per adult discus fish. Therefore a 55 gallon fish tank is the minimum size for 6 full-grown discus (I know it should be 60, however 55 gallons is a common size for fish tanks).


These friendly but shy fish want a tranquil daily life; they are accustomed to clean water and dark spacious surroundings to swim in. As a result the discus aquarium ought to be located in an open area of the home outside of heat, direct sunlight, lots of movement and noise. Additionally keep the aquarium elevated, with a light overhead if possible, as shadows might be troubling for discus fish.

Water Conditions

Discus wish to have water conditions similar to their natural surroundings, in which the water is normally soft and a little acidic, so keeping track of aquarium water conditions is extremely important. The main components of fish tank water to be aware of will be the temperature, softness and pH. Discus fish thrive with a pH which is between five and a half and seven and temperatures of between 77 and 86°F (25-30°C). Also to help keep a healthy discus, it is very important to clean out the tank and change 25-30% of the water at minimum once per week.

Aquarium Filters

Before introducing discus to your tank you must establish nitrifiying bacteria colonies in your filtration system. It is significant as they are in charge of keeping ammonia and nitrate ranges in hand by consuming fish waste. Hence selecting the required filtering system is really important for preserving the nitrification levels of your water, should you have a planted aquarium then this would likewise aid to decrease the level of toxins in the water. However routine water changes are nevertheless needed for preserving discus fish health

Tank Mates

Discus will need lots of space, so not putting discus with territorial tank mates goes a considerable way to preserving happy and healthy discus. One of the better partners for discus fish can be a really beautiful fish known as Tetra, there are a number of varieties of Tetra however personally find Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras and Rummy Nose Tetras to help discus definitely feel pretty relaxed and secure since they help simulate their natural habitat. Lots of alternative species of fish may also be suitable. It is very important to avoid any large or aggressive fish when building your discus aquarium just like freshwater angelfish; because they can bully your discus and muscle them out at feeding time.