5 Fish to Keep in Your Saltwater Aquarium

When it is your first saltwater aquarium, putting it together is definitely an overwhelming task. Since you do not have any idea on maintaining an aquarium, it is important that you learn a bit more about the fishes and invertebrates before buying a brand new one.

You would not want to buy a fish that will be too difficult to begin with. You also do not want a ugly fish that will just hang around in your tank taking up space and food.

In this article, we have a list of 5 fish that you will love to keep in your aquarium. I hope they will be helpful.

5 fish that you must keep in your saltwater aquarium

  • Angel fish

Looking to add some color in your tank? Well, buy these beauties. Coral beauties, a type of dwarf angelfish, are great additions to any sort of salt water tank. Just remember to add some rocks where these beauties can hide.

  • Butterfly fish

Butterfly fish is a type of marine fish. There are 120 species of the butterfly fish that are found in tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. These fishes come in various colors, stripes or patterns and are mesmerizing to watch.

  • Clown fish

Ever wanted a fish that you saw in the movie ‘Finding Nemo’? Well you can. Clown fish are typically very bright, orange fish that have three white stripes, one at the head, middle and tail.

  • Talbot’s Damsel

Very vibrant in color, with a distinctive spot on its back, the Talbot’s Damsel is somewhat aggressive to other fish species, especially as they age. Other than that, this species are easy to keep and live for a long time.

  • Achilles tang

Although this fish a little more expensive and difficult to keep, Achilles tang is one of the most striking fishes for your aquarium. Since it swims continuously at a very high-speed, this fish needs a large tank with a good open space. If kept in a small tank, this fish will not feed and will die quickly. It feeds on herbivore die and needs a variety of foods.

Buying fish at your first sight is not a good idea. We recommend that you research a bit on livestock you want to pet and check whether they are compatible with each other or not.

Buying livestock for your new saltwater aquarium is not easy as a pie. You need to give a lot of your time in your research.