4 Tips to Building Parrot Aviaries

An aviary is an enclosure that isn’t just a cage, but is a larger space to allow your parrot to explore and roam more freely in their new home while interacting with other birds. Parrot aviaries help your bird enjoy their daily living which greatly helps their physical and emotional well being. Parrots, and birds in general, prefer to flock together, bring with other birds for companionship. It’s important to note that birds with similar behavior patterns live well together. 

These enclosures offer a more natural environment when living together with the freedom to spread their wings and fly around. You’ll typically see very large aviaries at your local bird sanctuaries or zoo, while many owners choose to set up parrot aviaries on their balconies, garden, or back patios. Sometimes parrot aviaries are set up inside the home, but this can get rather messy and loud.

 There are steps to take prior to setting up in your home or yard: 

1.) Personal Investment –It’s important to realize from the beginning that there will be a financial commitment needed to properly build the aviary. There will be a physical and emotional commitment to you to ensure the health and happiness of caring for your parrots and the aviary.  Your parrot will require regular feeding of quality food, medical attention when needed, and plenty of time to interact with your parrots. 

2.) Home Environment –It is important to remember that the aviary and parrots kept at the home needs to match your home environment and personal lifestyle. It is recommended that experts be consulted to fully understand the behavior and temperament characteristics of the parrots you’re considering. If you live in a larger home, you would be able to consider a larger parrot aviary with larger parrot breeds. Conversely, if you reside in a smaller apartment, it is recommended to keep a smaller aviary with smaller parrot breeds.

3.) Aviary Maintenance –Birds can be rather messy to own, and parrots are no exception. Maintaining a clean parrot aviary will also help maintain optimal health for your parrot. In their natural habitat, parrots are bathed and stay clean by sunshine and rain. In aviaries however, you’ll need regular cleaning and covering as well as clean food and water dishes.

 4.) Aviary Flooring –Your enclosure will require frequent cleaning to ensure proper health of your parrot. It is best to use either bird bedding or newspaper for your parrot aviary floor. You’ll also want to use a mild soap mixture with spray bottles, bleach, and vinegar. It is also important to move or relocate the parrots to another part of your home while cleaning the aviary floor to protect the birds.

When shopping or searching on the Internet for parrot aviaries, you will find quite a vast assortment with different sizes, features, and costs. It is best to purchase one which is easy to use, durable, easy to maintain, and of course safe for your parrot. Take special note of the dimension of the aviary as well as the material to ensure it will make a good fit in your home. Make a good and educated decision for your new parrot aviary and you’ll enjoy years of enjoyment with your pet parrots.